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Kristian Ellertsen
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Cabin life runs deep in the Norwegian culture, and many Norwegians dream of owning their own cabin, but it can be an insurmountable investment that requires a lot of responsibility, time, and maintenance. Co-ownership of a holiday home is therefore an excellent alternative for those who want to enjoy cabin life without having to pay the full price and having all the hassles.

Today, there are around 450,000 holiday homes in Norway, and they sit empty for more than 300 days a year on average. Nevertheless, an area the size of 200,000 football fields has been set aside to build even more cabins, according to the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). At the same time, around 200,000 Norwegians have concrete plans to buy a holiday home, either in Norway or abroad. At &Hamlet, we want to help you realize your cabin dream while reducing the economic and environmental challenges. That is why we offer the solution that we believe suits everyone - namely, co-ownership of holiday homes.

Here are seven benefits of co-ownership instead of owning a cabin by yourself:

Realize your holiday home dream with a cabin that can accommodate your entire family and circle of friends.

The best thing about owning a cabin is spending quality time with friends and family in fantastic surroundings - when it suits you. Imagine gathering the whole gang in the mountains at Easter or basking on a white sand beach abroad. The possibilities are endless, and through co-ownership you can realize that dream.

Afford your dream holiday home - at a fraction of the price. 

One of the biggest advantages of co-owning a holiday home is the reduced costs. By sharing the expenses with others, it becomes easier to afford an exclusive cabin in a place you really want to spend time. You get the opportunity to own a more expensive holiday home of a higher caliber and class than you would be able to afford alone, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy more luxurious facilities.

No maintenance or cleaning - we take care of everything.

By sharing the responsibility and costs with the other co-owners, you are never alone with the holiday home. That gives you more security. &Hamlet takes care of all maintenance, operations and legal matters for your vacation home. You just need to show up and use your days as you wish, and you will enjoy top service and high quality.

Lower ownership costs.

Insurance, municipal fees, subscriptions, electricity, maintenance, and more must be paid year-round even if you only use your cabin for a few weeks. Most people are not aware how much it actually cost them to own a full cabin. Did you know that when you own a share in a &Hamlet, you pay less in monthly operating costs than if you owned an entire cabin for the same price as the share? This applies even though we give you several extra services when you co-own a &Hamlet. It pays off to share the costs with others too.

Use the cabin as many days as when you own it all by yourself.

As a owner of a &Hamlet, you have exclusive access for at least 45 days a year, the same as holiday homes are actually used on average. You reserve your stays easily through our user-friendly app, which ensures fair access to popular holidays and vacations. You can book up to 24 months in advance, and you are guaranteed at least one of the year's holidays. For the next 30 days, you are free to reserve available days without them counting towards your quota. And if you want even more days, you are free to buy more ownership shares.

Lower carbon emissions and better for the environment and the local community.

Building and using one dream cabin of 250 m2 reduces CO2 emissions by 74% compared to building eight small cabins of 100 m2. There is no reason to build more cabins that sit empty almost all year round. By being a owner of a &Hamlet, you contribute to reducing the need to destroy untouched nature. With more owners per cabin, the need to develop natural areas will be reduced. When the cabins that already exist are used more, this contributes greatly to increased value creation in the local communities and more jobs.

Actual ownership of the property - a good investment.

When you buy a share in a &Hamlet, you actually own property in the same way as if you had bought a regular cabin. The difference is that you own an ideal share of a more exclusive cabin, set up as a legal joint ownership. You do not have to worry about maintenance, and you also get first-class follow-up included. You are free to sell your share whenever you wish, which is done in the same way as when selling a whole cabin. As the owner, all potential increase in value is yours.

&Hamlet gives you much more for your money, while also protecting the environment and contributing to the local communities.

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