Tinde Hytter and &Hamlet

An exciting collaboration

Magnus Nordmo
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Tinde Hytter brings with them over 40 years of experience as one of Norway's largest cabin suppliers. The years have been marked by a dedication to quality and a burning passion for sustainability. But like any visionary organization, Tinde Hytter looks mostly forward.

After Tinde Hytter and &Hamlet first engaged in dialogue, it did not take long to become clear that they shared more than just words. Both Tinde Hytter and &Hamlet share a deep respect for quality, sustainability, and experiences that last a lifetime. And it was this harmony that nurtured the idea of collaboration.

Tinde and &Hamlet quickly discovered the potential for great synergies: Tinde Hytter is renowned for its quality cabins and sustainable approach. &Hamlet's platform for co-ownership makes owning the dream cottage more affordable and sustainable. Through this collaboration, even more families will have the opportunity to fulfill their cabin dreams and experience the renowned Tinde quality, soon also in a unique and exclusive Tinde&Hamlet cabin.

Magnus Nordmo
Content Producer
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